Integrating Force and Tactile Rendering Into a Single VR System

  title={Integrating Force and Tactile Rendering Into a Single VR System},
  author={Marco Fontana and Simone Marcheschi and Federico Tarri and Fabio Salsedo and Massimo Bergamasco and Dennis Allerkamp and Guido B{\"o}ttcher and Franz-Erich Wolter and Alan C. Brady and Jianguo Qu and Ian R. Summers},
  journal={2007 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW'07)},
The EU funded RTD project "HAPTEX" addresses the challenge of developing a Virtual Reality (VR) system for the realistic and accurate rendering of the physical interactions of humans with textiles, through the real-time generation of artificial visual and haptic stimuli. This challenge concerns the development of both the SW and the HW components of the VR system, as well as it implies a substantial advancement in the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the human haptic perception of… CONTINUE READING

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