Integrating Environment Simulators with Network Simulators


We present a challenge that is unique to sensor network simulations, that of integrating environment and network simulators. The content and the characteristics of the data being sensed play a vital role in the performance of various algorithms and protocols that have been proposed by the research community. This point has been emphasized in numerous literatures that have been published in the context of wireless sensor networks research. Yet the range of simulators that have been targeted towards this new field of research concentrate primarily in simulating the network characteristics, such as the wireless channel the nodes themselves and various topological scenarios for the node, although some simulators such as TOSSIM [9] and EmStar [14] do provide simulation of interfaces on the nodes to feed data into the network . The simulation of the behavior of the network in the presence of the data that is being sensed has not received considerable attention. In order to breach this gap we need to integrate network and environment simulators. The purpose of this work is to first present a survey of the existing network simulators and environmental simulators, to highlight the deficiency in the current research based on simulations. Further we present a case study on integrating a specific network simulator (TOSSIM [9]) with a structural simulator (MATLAB structural control tool box), to present the general challenges that might exist when such integrations are performed.

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