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Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Military Operations : A Boyd Cycle Framework

  title={Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Military Operations : A Boyd Cycle Framework},
  author={Gregory L. Cantwell},
The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) offers opportunities to overcome cognitive limits when managing “big data” and further leverage informational superiority into battle space superiority. However, these advantages may only materialize if these future technologies are properly integrated into military operations. To understand and facilitate this integration, this paper establishes baseline definitions and descriptions for key terms such as AI, autonomy, and degrees of autonomy, in… Expand


Evolving agents for network centric warfare
The theory that power is increasingly derived from information sharing, knowledge sharing and command speeding up has been supported by results of recent military operational experience and the advantages of NCW have been recognized. Expand
Augmented Command and Control Table to Support Network-Centric Operations
A novel interaction environment that leverages the augmented reality technology to provide a digitally enhanced view of a real command and control table is proposed that showed effectiveness in terms of understanding perception, depth impression, and level of immersion. Expand