Integrating Agents and Services for Control and Monitoring: Managing Emergencies in Smart Buildings


The present work introduces a research perspective on developing Smart Building control and monitoring solutions using a service-centric conceptual framework in which agents and services are integrated in order to solve both the problem of comfort and the issue of safety. The proposed conceptual framework relies on the service oriented architecture approach and its related supporting technologies, tools, mechanisms that facilitate discovery, integration, processing and analysis of datasets collected from various ubiquitous appliances. At the same time, agents can take, based on environmental data, decision for control, monitoring, fault diagnosis and maintenance of more and more complex systems. In order to further develop the above mentioned servicecentric conceptual framework, this paper proposes an extensive integration of emergency protection systems that take into account a varied range of hazards and disasters, from small fires to earthquakes, with a priori defined Intelligent Operations Center for Smart Cities. In this respect, the CitySCAPE development framework is exploited, as being the architectural style of thinking in terms of Smart Building integration on different levels of control, monitoring and safety intervention, meeting basic requirements of seismic protection at city level.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-04735-5_14

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