Integrated system of fuel cell for polymer electrolyte membrane


The polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is an ionic conducting electrolyte polymer membrane. The factors which influence the performance of PEMFC include relative humidity, reaction temperature, gas inlet temperature, gas inlet pressure, and hydrogen and air flow rate. The safety control methodology strongly depends on the fuel cell operation voltage and current. In order to run the fuel cell system under the optimal operation condition, high performance stack should be arranged with the suitable subsystem and appropriate operation procedure. The research topic is to develop the control system on distributed power generation and backup power application, such as oxidant supply system, fuel supply system, heat management system, water management system, and power conditioning system. It comprises a novel PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system and human-machine interface. The controller is developed to control fuel cell system and record the operation data by using data acquisition system. The controller can be applied to high performance stack and system to obtain the best performance

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