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Integrated starter-generators for automotive applications

  title={Integrated starter-generators for automotive applications},
  author={I. Viorel and Lor{\'a}nd Szab{\'o} and Lars L{\"o}wenstein and Cristian Şteţ},
The integrated starter-generator (ISG) replaces both the conventional starter and alternator (generator) of an automobile in a single electric device. It allows greater electrical generation capacity and the fuel economy and emissions benefits of hybrid electric automotive propulsion. The ISG requires contrary specifications, i.e. a high starting torque and a fieldweakening capability in a wide speed range, therefore its design is a challenging job. In this paper the basic characteristics and… Expand
Investigation of reluctance integrated starter/generator based on higher rotor pole number and dual air gaps design
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Design of Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations for Integrated Starter–Generator Systems
Detailed simulation and experimental comparisons are carried out between the ISGS and theISGSE, which validates the proposed ISGSE as an effective tool for designing and testing new motor drives. Expand
An Innovative Constant Voltage Control Method of PMSM-Type ISG Under Wide Engine Speed Range for Scooter With Idling Stop
A constant voltage control method for the PMSM type ISG in generating mode to generate a 12V dc-link voltage over a wide speed range of the engine is proposed. Expand
Evaluation of the Effect of Operating Parameters on Thermal Performance of an Integrated Starter Generator in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
The belt-driven-type integrated starter generator motor in a hybrid electric vehicle is vulnerable to thermal problems owing to its high output power and proximity to the engine. These problems mayExpand
Development of High Power 48V Powertrain Components for Mild Hybrid Light Duty Vehicle Applications
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Design of BLDC Based ISG for Aerial Application: Effect of Stator Slot Design Parameters on the Efficiency
The result shows that with optimized stator slot area maximum efficiency can be increased in both motoring as well as in generating mode. Expand
A start-stop system (SSRE) is proposed for a newly designed camless rotary valve engine. The system is an improvement on the Mazda’s Smart Idle Stop System (SISS), a start-stop technology consideredExpand
Design of Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle using Asynchronous machine as Traction Motor and Integrated Starter Generator
The performance of series hybrid power consisting of the Integrated Starter Generator, Traction Motor and Battery with its SOC controller and hybrid controller state flow for controlling the 7 modes of operation are evaluated experimentally. Expand
Simulation and measurement of a voltage regulator of an automotive generator
  • C. Blága, N. Szabó
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 16th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and Exposition
  • 2014
This paper presents a Matlab/Simulink based simulation model of a voltage regulator of an automotive generator in order to get information about its behaviour at different operation conditions. TheExpand
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Crankshaft starter generators based on the principle of reluctance
The demand for electric power in vehicles has been steadily increasing in recent years. Limited by its belt drive, the conventional generator will no longer be able to cover this demand in theExpand
Practical design criteria of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor for 42V integrated starter-generator
  • Bonho Bae, S. Sul
  • Engineering
  • IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, 2003. IEMDC'03.
  • 2003
For the 42 V integrated starter-generator (ISG) application, the interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machine has been a good candidate because of the field weakening capability, efficiencyExpand
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