Integrated silicon microbeam PI-FET accelerometer

  title={Integrated silicon microbeam PI-FET accelerometer},
  author={Pau-Ling Chen and R. S. Muller and R I Jolly and G. Halac and R Dean White and A E Andrews and T. C. Lim and M. Motamedi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
Integrated accelerometers showing excellent linearity have been designed and fabricated using silicon planar technology, zinc-oxide sputtering, and anisotropic etching. Small cantilevered beam structures overcoated with piezoelectric ZnO films act as force transducers, and the electrical signal is directly coupled to the gate of a depletion-mode, p-channel MOS transistor. The accelerometers have a nearly flat response from very low frequencies until beam resonances become significant (above 40… CONTINUE READING
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