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Integrated quantum polariton interferometry

  title={Integrated quantum polariton interferometry},
  author={Davide Nigro and Vincenzo D'ambrosio and Daniele Sanvitto and Dario Gerace},
Exciton-polaritons are hybrid elementary excitations of light and matter that, thanks to their nonlinear properties, enable a plethora of physical phenomena ranging from room temperature condensation to superfluidity. While polaritons are usually exploited in high density regime, evidence of quantum correlations at the level of few excitations has been recently reported, thus suggesting the possibility of using these systems for quantum information purposes. Here we show that integrated… Expand


Emergence of quantum correlations from interacting fibre-cavity polaritons
This work reports on the emergence of quantum correlations in laser light transmitted through a fibre-cavity polariton system, and observes a dispersive shape of the autocorrelation function around the polariton resonance that indicates the onset of this regime. Expand
Towards polariton blockade of confined exciton–polaritons
Evidence of quantum correlations between polaritons spatially confined in a fibre cavity is reported, an essential step towards the realization of strongly interacting photonic systems. Expand
First observation of the quantized exciton-polariton field and effect of interactions on a single polariton
The first experimental demonstration of a genuinely quantum state of the microcavity polariton field is reported, by swapping a photon for a polariton in a two-photon entangled state generated by parametric downconversion. Expand
Strongly interacting dipolar-polaritons
A system of optically guided, electrically polarized exciton-polaritons (“dipolaritons”) that displays up to 200-fold enhancement of the polariton- polariton interaction strength compared to unpolarized polaritons is demonstrated. Expand
Bose–Einstein condensation of exciton polaritons
A comprehensive set of experiments giving compelling evidence for BEC of polaritons of bosonic quasi-particles are detailed, which indicate the spontaneous onset of a macroscopic quantum phase. Expand
Multiphoton quantum interference in a multiport integrated photonic device.
This work demonstrates three-photon quantum operation of an integrated device containing three coupled interferometers, eight spatial modes and many classical and nonclassical interferences, and introduces a new scheme to verify quantum behaviour, using classically characterised device elements and hierarchies of photon correlation functions. Expand
All-optical phase modulation in a cavity-polariton Mach–Zehnder interferometer
An all-optical approach for controlling the phase of a flow of cavity-polaritons, making use of their strong interactions with localized excitons is proposed, by implementing a compact exciton–polariton interferometer, which output intensity and polarization can be optically controlled. Expand
Quantum computing with exciton-polariton condensates
Exciton-polariton condensates have attractive features for quantum computation, e.g., room temperature operation, high dynamical speed, ease of probe, and existing fabrication techniques. Here, weExpand
All optical controlled-NOT gate based on an exciton–polariton circuit
Abstract We propose an implementation of a CNOT gate for quantum computing based on a patterned microcavity polariton system, which can be manufactured using the modern technological facilities. TheExpand
Polariton quantum blockade in a photonic dot
We investigate the quantum nonlinear dynamics of a resonantly excited photonic quantum dot embedding a quantum well in the strong exciton-photon coupling regime. Within a master equation approach, weExpand