Integrated omics dissection of proteome dynamics during cardiac remodeling

  title={Integrated omics dissection of proteome dynamics during cardiac remodeling},
  author={Edward Lau and Quan Cao and Maggie P Y Lam and Jie Wang and Dominic C M Ng and Brian J Bleakley and Jessica M Lee and David Liem and Ding Wang and Henning Hermjakob and Peipei Ping},
  booktitle={Nature Communications},
Transcript abundance and protein abundance show modest correlation in many biological models, but how this impacts disease signature discovery in omics experiments is rarely explored. Here we report an integrated omics approach, incorporating measurements of transcript abundance, protein abundance, and protein turnover to map the landscape of proteome remodeling in a mouse model of pathological cardiac hypertrophy. Analyzing the hypertrophy signatures that are reproducibly discovered from each… CONTINUE READING