Integrated marketing communications measurement and evaluation

  title={Integrated marketing communications measurement and evaluation},
  author={Michael T. Ewing},
  journal={Journal of Marketing Communications},
  pages={103 - 117}
  • M. Ewing
  • Published 25 June 2009
  • Business
  • Journal of Marketing Communications
Marketing communications have historically been measured on a medium-by-medium basis. The new electronic communications systems are in danger of falling into the same trap. Yet consumers seem to use all these communications systems concurrently, simultaneously and one would assume, synergistically. If this is true, what are the challenges in measuring the impact and effect of these integrated communications systems? How should synergy between communications forms be considered and measured? For… 
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Correlates of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • G. Low
  • Business
    Journal of Advertising Research
  • 2000
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