[Integrated effect of incorporation with different organic manures on CH4 and N2O emissions from rice paddy].


Field experiment was conducted in 2001 rice growing season to understand the effect of organic manure application on CH4 and N2O emissions. Five treatments of fertilizer including urea and NH4HCO3 used as chemical fertilizer (CF), chemical fertilizer + pig manure (CF + PM), chemical fertilizer + cow manure (CF + CM), chemical fertilizer + rapeseed cake (CF + RC) and chemical fertilizer + wheat straw (CF + WS) were dedicated to this experiment. Results from the field observations indicated that application of the organic manure did not change the seasonal pattern of CH4 and N2O emissions but significantly affected the seasonal amounts. Seasonal amount of CH4 emission from the treatments of CF + CM, CF + RC and CF + WS was respectively 45%, 252% and 250% higher than that from the treatment of CF, but the application of pig manure (CF + PM) did not significantly influence the CH4 emission. The N2O emissions, on the other hand, were reduced by 18%, 21% and 18% for the treatments of CF + PM, CF + CM and CF + WS, respectively. Incorporation of rapeseed cake enhanced the N2O emission, yielding an increment of 22%. On a time scale of 20-year period, the integrated global warming potential (GWP) of CH4 + N2O released during the rice growing season for the treatments of CF + RC, CF + WS and CF + CM was respectively 154%, 136% and 17% higher than that for the CF treatment, while a reduction of 10% was obtained for the CF + PM treatment. The calculation of the GWP per unit rice grain yield suggested that the application of pig manure took the slight advantages not only in reducing the GWP but also in improving the grain yield.

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