Integrated Maintenance with Case Factories for Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Systems


Maintenance approaches for Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems focus on a single CBR system and mainly on a single knowledge container like the case base, the adaptation knowledge or the similarity. There are a few approaches that deal with shifting knowledge between knowledge containers, especially between the case base and adaptation knowledge. These approaches have been successfully applied to CBR systems in the past. In many systems, especially multi-agent systems, the knowledge is distributed among several homogenous or heterogeneous knowledge sources. Therefore, a maintenance approach has to consider the dependencies between these knowledge sources as well as high-level maintenance goals. An example is removing one or more cases from a case base. Cases in other CBR systems could depend on one of the removed cases, so they may become inconsistent (to some degree). The system should suggest an appropriate maintenance action like removing the depending cases to keep the system’s correctness/consistency. To address these dependencies between CBR systems and their knowledge containers, a new maintenance approach for distributed CBR systems is required. In the following, I will describe the idea of an integrated

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