Integrated Half-Bridge Switch Using 70- $\mu\hbox{m}$-Thin Devices and Hollow Interconnects

  title={Integrated Half-Bridge Switch Using 70-  \$\mu\hbox\{m\}\$-Thin Devices and Hollow Interconnects},
  author={A. K. Solomon and Jianfeng Li and Alberto Castellazzi and Christopher Mark Johnson},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
An application-oriented integration concept for a half-bridge switch assembly has been developed based on the latest generation 70-μm-thin insulated gate bipolar transistors and diodes, which are rated at 600 V/200 A. This paper addresses the design and reliability of the assembly, with a fully bondwireless approach using cylindrical copper bumps. Advanced numerical structural simulation techniques are also applied to assess the influence of interconnect characteristics (material, size, and… CONTINUE READING