Integrated Electronic Health Record Database Management System: A Proposal


eHealth has attained significant importance as a new mechanism for health management and medical practice. However, the technological growth of eHealth is still limited by technical expertise needed to develop appropriate products. Researchers are constantly in a process of developing and testing new software for building and handling Clinical Medical Records, being renamed to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems; EHRs take full advantage of the technological developments and at the same time provide increased diagnostic and treatment capabilities to doctors. A step to be considered for facilitating this aim is to involve more actively the doctor in building the fundamental steps for creating the EHR system and database. A global clinical patient record database management system can be electronically created by simulating real life medical practice health record taking and utilizing, analyzing the recorded parameters. This proposed approach demonstrates the effective implementation of a universal classic medical record in electronic form, a procedure by which, clinicians are led to utilize algorithms and intelligent systems for their differential diagnosis, final diagnosis and treatment strategies.

DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-538-8-187

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@article{Schiza2015IntegratedEH, title={Integrated Electronic Health Record Database Management System: A Proposal}, author={Eirini C. Schiza and George Panos and Christiana David and Nicolai Petkov and Christos N Schizas}, journal={Studies in health technology and informatics}, year={2015}, volume={213}, pages={187-90} }