Integrated Data Model Development Framework for the Architecture Descriptions


One of the main pillars of the Department of Defense Architecture Framework Ver. 2.0 (DoDAF 2.0) is Meta-Model, named DM2. It defines data structure that facilitates understanding of the use of data within an architecture document and ensures sharing and reusing of architectural data across the architectures. It is still difficult to develop the data model for the architectures even though the DoDAF 2.0 is preparing supplementary tools for supporting the data model development. To reduce the difficulties, we propose an I2D2 framework (Integrated and Intelligent Data model Development framework) with an I2D2 Ontology. The primary goal of the I2D2 framework is identification of explicit and implicit associations which exist between/among the DM2 terms required to describe a set of the viewpoints for the architectures. To achieve the goal, we develop the I2D2 Ontology that is overarching and comprehensive tool enabling the development of the integrated data model for the architecture descriptions. In the experimental section, we implement our prototype system and demonstrate the performance of our framework via case studies.

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