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Integrated Algorithms for HEX-Programs and Applications in Machine Learning

  title={Integrated Algorithms for HEX-Programs and Applications in Machine Learning},
  author={Tobias Kaminski},
This paper summarizes my doctoral research on evaluation algorithms for HEX-programs, which extend Answer Set Programming with means for interfacing external computations. The focus is on integrating different subprocesses of HEX-evaluation, such as solving and external calls as well as grounding, and on applications of HEX-programs in the area of Machine Learning. 



ActHEX: Implementing HEX Programs with Action Atoms

Besides yielding a significant increase in versatility of the framework, this paper presents illustrative application showcases and a short evaluation thereof exhibiting computational acthex strengths.

Efficient HEX-Program Evaluation Based on Unfounded Sets

This work presents an approach based on unfounded sets as a generalization of related techniques for ASP programs, and provides a syntactic criterion that allows one to skip the minimality check in many cases.

Exploiting Answer Set Programming with External Sources for Meta-Interpretive Learning

This work encodes Meta-Interpretive Learning in the HEX-formalism, which is an extension of ASP that allows us to outsource the background knowledge, and restricts the search space to compensate for a procedural bias in ASP.

Theory Solving Made Easy with Clingo 5

This work addresses the challenge with the fifth generation of the ASP system clingo and its grounding and solving components by equipping them with well-defined generic interfaces facilitating the manifold integration efforts.

A model building framework for answer set programming with external computations*

This work presents a new approach for the evaluation of logic programs with external source access, which is based on a configurable framework for dividing the non-ground program into possibly overlapping smaller parts called evaluation units.

Lazy-Grounding for Answer Set Programs with External Source Access

This paper presents a new evaluation algorithm for HEX-programs based on lazy-grounding solving for ASP and shows a clear advantage of the new algorithm for grounding-intense programs, which is a new perspective to make HEX more suitable for real-world application needs.

ASP modulo CSP: The clingcon system

Abstract We present the hybrid ASP solver clingcon, combining the simple modeling language and the high performance Boolean solving capacities of Answer Set Programming (ASP) with techniques for

Blending Lazy-Grounding and CDNL Search for Answer-Set Solving

The approach here aims for the best of both worlds: grounding and solving are interleaved, but there is a solving component distinct from the grounding component, which avoids re-grounding whenever the solver moves from one search branch to another.

Clingo = ASP + Control: Preliminary Report

By strictly separating logic and control programs, clingo 4 also abolishes the need for dedicated systems for incremental and reactive reasoning, like iclingo and oclingo, respectively, and its flexibility goes well beyond the advanced yet still rigid solving processes of the latter.

Recursive Aggregates in Disjunctive Logic Programs: Semantics and Complexity

The addition of aggregates has been one of the most relevant enhancements to the language of answer set programming (ASP) and many of them do not satisfy desirable criteria, such as minimality or coincidence with answer sets in the aggregate-free case.