Integrated 1.3/1.5 μm cyclic AWG router for λ-tunable WDM/TDM-PON.


We propose a cyclic NxN AWG router that can multi/demultiplex upstream and downstream signals with different channel spacings in different wavelength regions. We fabricated a 4 x 4 AWG router for our novel λ-tunable WDM/TDM-PON using silica-based PLC technology and showed that it can cyclically multi/demultiplex both 20 nm-spaced and 200 GHz-spaced signals at 1.3 and 1.5 μm, respectively.

DOI: 10.1364/OE.20.0000B1

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@article{Mizuno2012Integrated1, title={Integrated 1.3/1.5 μm cyclic AWG router for λ-tunable WDM/TDM-PON.}, author={Takayuki Mizuno and Yasuaki Hashizume and Takashi Yamada and Shinya Tamaki and Hirotaka Nakamura and Shunji Kimura and Mikitaka Itoh and Hiroshi Takahashi}, journal={Optics express}, year={2012}, volume={20 26}, pages={B1-6} }