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IntegratIng ecosystem servIces Into assessment of dIfferent management optIons In a protected area: a delIberate multI-crIterIa decIsIon analysIs approach

  title={IntegratIng ecosystem servIces Into assessment of dIfferent management optIons In a protected area: a delIberate multI-crIterIa decIsIon analysIs approach},
  author={D. Grazhdani},
GrazhDani, D., 2014. integrating ecosystem services into assessment of different management options in a protected area: a deliberate multi-criteria decision analysis approach. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 1311-1319 nature provides us with the very essentials of life. it gives us clean air and water; enables us to produce and gather food, fuel and raw materials from the land and sea; regulates our climate; stems flood waters and it filters pollution. It also gives us personal benefits from… 
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