Integrals of motion and quantum groups

  title={Integrals of motion and quantum groups},
  author={Boris Feigin and Edward Frenkel},
  journal={Lecture Notes in Mathematics},
A homological construction of integrals of motion of the classical and quantum Toda field theories is given. Using this construction, we identify the integrals of motion with cohomology classes of certain complexes, which are modeled on the BGG resolutions of the associated Lie algebras and their quantum deformations. This way we prove that all classical integrals of motion can be quantized. For the Toda field theories associated to finite-dimensional Lie algebras, the algebra of integrals of… 

Quantization of soliton systems and Langlands duality

We consider the problem of quantization of classical soliton integrable systems, such as the KdV hierarchy, in the framework of a general formalism of Gaudin models associated to affine Kac--Moody

Quantum $q$-Langlands Correspondence

We formulate a two-parameter generalization of the geometric Langlands correspondence, which we prove for all simply-laced Lie algebras. It identifies the q-conformal blocks of the quantum affine


We deduce a recursive system of partial differential equations from the toroidal Lie algebra associated to a simple Lie algebra. Such a recursive system starts from the corresponding classical Toda

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We distinguish a class of simple filtered Lie algebras \(L{U_\mathfrak{g}}(\lambda )\) of polynomial growth whose associated graded Lie algebras are not simple. We describe presentations of such

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Integrable Structure of Conformal Field Theory II. Q-operator and DDV equation

Abstract:This paper is a direct continuation of [1] where we began the study of the integrable structures in Conformal Field Theory. We show here how to construct the operators ${\bf

Quantization of Lie bialgebras, II

Abstract. This paper is a continuation of [EK]. We show that the quantization procedure of [EK] is given by universal acyclic formulas and defines a functor from the category of Lie bialgebras to the



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Affine Kac-Moody algebras at the critical level and quantum Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction

Local systems of vertex operators, vertex superalgebras and modules


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This paper will discuss about one part in the history of Semarang City, which is discussing the river from the historical side in the early 20th century. The main problem in this study is how the

Perception analytique et globale

Les aspects holistiques ou analytiques de la perception sont actuellement discutes en reference soit a la structure de l'objet percu, soit a la nature du traitement effectue. L'approche structurale