Integral Presentations for the Universal R-Matrix

  title={Integral Presentations for the Universal R-Matrix},
  author={J. Ding and Sergei Mikhailovich Khoroshkin and Stanislav Z. Pakuliak},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
AbstractWe present an integral formula for the universal R-matrix of quantum affine algebra Uq $$\left( {\widehat{\text{g}}} \right)$$ with ‘Drinfeld comultiplication’. We show that the properties of the universal R-matrix follow from the factorization properties of the cycles in proper configuration spaces. For general g we conjecture that such cycles exist and unique. For Uq $$\widehat{{\text{(sl}}}_2 )$$ we describe precisely the cycles and present a new simple expression for the universal… CONTINUE READING

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