Integral Ecology as a Liberationist Concept

  title={Integral Ecology as a Liberationist Concept},
  author={Daniel Prieto Castillo},
  journal={Theological Studies},
  pages={353 - 376}
The concept of integral ecology is at the center of Pope Francis’s call for the renewal of our common home. However, throughout Laudato Si’, this concept remains somewhat under-defined. In this article, I clarify both the structural and qualitative dimensions of Francis’s concept by demonstrating the ways in which it aligns with Gustavo Gutiérrez’s classic concept of integral liberation. In so doing, I argue that through the concept of “integral ecology” Francis calls for the radical conversion… Expand
Pope Francis' Global Spirituality: Mercy as Foundation for an Integral Theology
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Hacia una comprensión de la conversión ecológica
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Religion and development: integral ecology and the Catholic Church Amazon Synod
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Ecological Challenges and Injustice from a Missiological Perspective
  • Ji Young Jung
  • Sociology
  • Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies
  • 2021
Coupled with ecological challenges, injustice such as unfair resource distribution and exploitation over nature and the poor has been disproportionately inflicted upon the powerless. As we look atExpand
Sustainable Development: Renaissance or Sunset Boulevard?
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The presence of the encyclicals in Web of Science: a bibliometric approach
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Appalachia and Laudato Si’: Developing the Connection between the Poor and the Environment
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Catholic clerical responses to climate change and Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’
The 2015 release of Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment—Laudato Si’—was met with widespread praise by many who hoped this document would spur Catholics around the world to join movements s...


Imperial Nature: The World Bank and the Struggle for Justice in the Age of Globalization
  • 2005
The History of Development 185
    The History of Development 193
      that the world is run by the World Bank president, but rather that the global political economy has at its core a set of elite power networks in whose reproduction the World Bank is deeply embedded
      • Ibid. 12. Similarly, Sklair focuses on the manner in which the