Integrable sigma models and 2-loop RG flow

  title={Integrable sigma models and 2-loop RG flow},
  author={Ben Hoare and Nat Levine and Arkady A. Tseytlin},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract Following arXiv:1907.04737, we continue our investigation of the relation between the renormalizability (with finitely many couplings) and integrability in 2d σ- models. We focus on the “λ-model,” an integrable model associated to a group or symmetric space and containing as special limits a (gauged) WZW model and an “interpolating model” for non-abelian duality. The parameters are the WZ level k and the coupling λ, and the fields are g, valued in a group G, and a 2d vector A± in… 
Sigma models with local couplings: a new integrability-RG flow connection
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Dual description of η-deformed OSP sigma models
Abstract We study the dual description of the η-deformed OSP(N|2m) sigma model in the asymptotically free regime (N > 2m + 2). Compared to the case of classical Lie groups, for supergroups there are
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Integrable deformed T1,1 sigma models from 4D Chern-Simons theory
Abstract Recently, a variety of deformed T1,1 manifolds, with which 2D non-linear sigma models (NLSMs) are classically integrable, have been presented by Arutyunov, Bassi and Lacroix (ABL) [46]. We
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Integrable deformations of strings on symmetric spaces
A bstractA general class of deformations of integrable sigma-models with symmetric space F/G target-spaces are found. These deformations involve defining the non-abelian T dual of the sigma-model and
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A bstractWe study the integrable η and λ-deformations of supercoset string sigma models, the basic example being the deformation of the AdS5 × S5 superstring. We prove that the kappa symmetry
On a ‘universal’ class of WZW-type conformal models
  • V. Fateev
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 2019
We consider classical and quantum integrable sigma models and their relations with the solutions of renormalization group equations. We say that an integrable sigma model possesses the "nice" duality