Integrable model of boundary interaction: the paperclip

  title={Integrable model of boundary interaction: the paperclip},
  author={Sergei L. Lukyanov and Evgueniy Vitchev and Alexander B. Zamolodchikov},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We consider a model of 2D quantum field theory on a disk, whose bulk dynamics is that of a two-component free massless Bose field X =(X,Y) , and interaction occurs at the boundary, where the boundary values (XB,YB) are constrained to special curve—the “paperclip brane”. The interaction breaks conformal invariance, but we argue that it preserves integrability. We propose exact expression for the disk partition function (and more general overlap amplitudes 〈 P |B〉 of the boundary state… Expand
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Integrable Circular Brane Model and Coulomb Charging at Large Conduction
We study a model of 2D QFT with boundary interaction, in which a two-component massless Bose field is constrained to a circle at the boundary. We argue that this model is integrable at two values ofExpand
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Some computations in background-independent off-shell string theory.
  • Witten
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1993
From the computation it emerges that, although the string field action does not coincide with the world-sheet (matter) partition function in general, these functions do coincide on shell and this can be demonstrated in general. Expand
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