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Integrability and dynamics of the Rajeev-Ranken model

  title={Integrability and dynamics of the Rajeev-Ranken model},
  author={T. R. Vishnu},
  • T. Vishnu
  • Published 26 September 2021
  • Mathematics
This thesis concerns the dynamics and integrability of the Rajeev-Ranken (RR) model, a mechanical system with 3 degrees of freedom describing screw-type nonlinear wave solutions of a scalar field theory dual to the 1+1D SU(2) Principal Chiral Model. This field theory is strongly coupled in the UV and could serve as a toy model to study nonperturbative features of theories with a perturbative Landau pole. We begin with a Lagrangian and a pair of Hamiltonian formulations based on compatible… 

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Quantum Rajeev–Ranken model as an anharmonic oscillator

The Rajeev–Ranken (RR) model is a Hamiltonian system describing screw-type nonlinear waves of wavenumber k in a scalar field theory pseudodual to the 1 + 1D SU(2) principal chiral model. Classically,