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Integra\c{c}\~ao e Entrega Cont\'inua para aplica\c{c}\~oes m\'oveis desenvolvidas em React Native

  title={Integra\c\{c\}\~ao e Entrega Cont\'inua para aplica\c\{c\}\~oes m\'oveis desenvolvidas em React Native},
  author={Pedro Jos{\'e} de Souza Neto and Vinicius Cardoso Garcia},
RESUMO Continuous integration and continuous delivery are not new for developers who create web applications, however in the development of mobile applications this practice is still not very common mainly because of the challenges during the process of distributing the application. In the face of the growing number of applications, a greater requirement for quality and ever-shorter delivery times, delivering a healthy code is often extremely important to keep up with the competition. The… 


The impact of continuous integration on other software development practices: A large-scale empirical study
The adaptation and evolution of code writing and submission, issue and pull request closing, and testing practices as Travis CI is adopted by hundreds of established projects on GitHub are studied to suggest a more nuanced picture of how GitHub teams are adapting to, and benefiting from, continuous integration technology.
Continuous Software Engineering: An Introduction
  • J. Bosch
  • Computer Science
    Continuous Software Engineering
  • 2014
This book presents the core results of the first phase of the Software Center, which aims to significantly accelerate the rate of adoption of these new approaches at the partner organizations.
Introducing Continuous Delivery of Mobile Apps in a Corporate Environment: A Case Study
It is found that applicability and acceptance of continuous delivery in industry depend on its adaptability, and Rugby's workflow is extended and made it tailor able to address issues in industrial projects with respect to delivery process, infrastructure, neglected testing and continuity.
Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment: A Systematic Review on Approaches, Tools, Challenges and Practices
The state of the art of continuous practices is reviewed to classify approaches and tools, identify challenges and practices in this regard, and identify the gaps for future research, revealing that continuous practices have been successfully applied to both greenfield and maintenance projects.
Developing Dependable and Secure Cloud Applications
The authors analyze the security and dependability challenges for developing dependable and secure Cloud applications and provides an overview of their research and development that aims to ameliorate some of the obstacles.
Continuous delivery with Docker and Jenkins : delivering software at scale
  • 2017
Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment
  • 2010
Developer Survey Results
  • 2016