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Integer superharmonic matrices on the $F$-lattice

  title={Integer superharmonic matrices on the \$F\$-lattice},
  author={Ahmed Bou-Rabee},
We prove that the set of quadratic growths achievable by integer superharmonic functions on the F -lattice, a periodic subgraph of the square lattice with oriented edges, has the structure of an overlapping circle packing. The proof recursively constructs a distinct pair of recurrent functions for each rational point on a hyperbola. This proves a conjecture of Smart (2013) and completely describes the scaling limit of the Abelian sandpile on the F -lattice. 


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Self-organized critical state of sandpile automaton models.
  • Dhar
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Physical review letters
  • 1990
The critical state is characterized, and its entropy for an arbitrary finite lattice in any dimension is determined, and the two-point correlation function is shown to satisfy a linear equation.