Intake of specific carotenoids and lung cancer risk.

  title={Intake of specific carotenoids and lung cancer risk.},
  author={Lo{\"i}c Le Le Marchand and Jean H. Hankin and Laurence N. Kolonel and Gary R. Beecher and Lynne Ross Wilkens and Lue Ping Zhao},
  journal={Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology},
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Using newly available food composition data for carotenoids, the authors reanalyzed a population-based case-control study of diet and lung cancer conducted in Hawaii in 1983-1985 (L. Le Marchand et al., J. Natl. Cancer Inst., 81: 1158-1164, 1989). The analysis included interviews with 230 men and 102 women with lung cancer and 597 men and 268 women as controls, frequency-matched to the patients by age and sex. A previously validated quantitative diet history assessed the usual intake of foods… CONTINUE READING