Intake of garlic and its bioactive components.

  title={Intake of garlic and its bioactive components.},
  author={Harunobu Amagase and Brenda L. Petesch and Hiromichi Matsuura and Shigeo Kasuga and Yoichi Itakura},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={131 3s},
The health benefits of garlic likely arise from a wide variety of components, possibly working synergistically. The complex chemistry of garlic makes it plausible that variations in processing can yield quite different preparations. Highly unstable thiosulfinates, such as allicin, disappear during processing and are quickly transformed into a variety of organosulfur components. The efficacy and safety of these preparations in preparing dietary supplements based on garlic are also contingent on… CONTINUE READING
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