Intact parathyrin in postmenopausal women.


To establish a reference range, we measured intact parathyrin (parathyroid hormone, PTH) in 245 healthy postmenopausal women, ages 42-75 years, with use of the Allegro Intact PTH Kit from Nichols Institute Diagnostics. We also assayed serum from a subset of 120 of the women with kits specific for mid-molecule PTH. The mean intact PTH concentration for the 245 women was 32 ng/L (95% confidence interval 14-60 ng/L). Intact PTH values in these subjects were not normally distributed, although calcium concentrations in the same samples were. There was positive, but not significant (r = 0.12, P = 0.06), correlation between intact PTH and age, and a significant negative correlation between serum calcium and intact PTH that was not observed between calcium and mid-molecule PTH. The improved sensitivity of the intact PTH assay makes it useful in studies of calcium homeostasis in the normal population.


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