Insurance seen and unseen

  title={Insurance seen and unseen},
  author={Sanford J. Grossman},
T he Black-Scholes approach to option pricing is commonly used to value derivative securities. This approach computes a price for the option by finding a dynamic trading strategy involving stock and cash that replicates the payoff of the option.’ The assumption that there exists such a replicating strategy implies that the option is redundant. I argue here that this approach ignores the informational role of real markets. The price of a traded option conveys important information about the… 
Investment Behavior under Uncertainty in Number of Competitors
One explanation for why investors crowd into a given strategy, as in the Quant Crisis of 2007, even when they understand its negative implication is that they are often simply not aware of the extent
Dynamic Asset Allocation and the Informational Efficiency of Markets
Markets have an allocational role; even in the absence of news about payoffs, prices change to facilitate trade and allocate resources to their best use. Allocational price changes create noise in
The economic benefits and risks of derivative securities
Certain events have raised concern about the risks associated with derivatives trading--witness Orange County, California or Procter & Gamble, both of which lost large sums of money using
Informed short sales and option introductions
This study examines how the introduction of options affects the level of informed short selling. In particular, we test whether option introductions increases or decreases the level of informed short
Price volatility, international market links, and their implications for regulatory policies
ConclusionsThe October 1987 stock market crash spawned an abundance of research papers, as scholars attempted to explain what seemed at the time, and to some extent remains, an inexplicable
Making payments on the Internet
To become an active market in goods and services, the Internet must overcome a fundamental hurdle: a way must be devised for buyers and sellers to securely and conveniently exchange payment over the
Das Management von Aktienkursrisiken mit Derivaten
Die hauptsachlichste Bedeutung derivativer Finanzinstrumente (meistens kurz als „Derivate“ bezeichnet) liegt in der Moglichkeit, finanzielle Risiken unterschiedlichster Art auf einfachere,
Who's minding the store?
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    Materials management in health care
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Who Should Buy Portfolio Insurance
THE EXISTENCE OF OPTIONS markets can generate new opportunities for portfolio management. As Ross [1976] has shown, a complete set of options markets on a reference stock or portfolio will enable
An Analysis of the Implications for Stock and Futures Price Volatility of Program Trading and Dynamic Hedging Strategies
Recent advances in financial theory have created an understanding of the environments in which a real security can be synthesized by a dynamic trading strategy in a risk free asset and other