Insulinlike growth factor I immunoreactivity in nasal polyps.


Nasal polyps from 15 patients were all found to express increased insulinlike growth factor I immunoreactivity. A hypothesis for the formation of nasal polyps is described: macrophages, seen in allergic and infectious reactions, produce and release growth factors, tentatively including insulinlike growth factor I. In enclosed paranasal sinuses this results… (More)


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@article{Petruson1988InsulinlikeGF, title={Insulinlike growth factor I immunoreactivity in nasal polyps.}, author={Bj{\"{o}rn Petruson and H-A. Hansson and Karin M Petruson}, journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery}, year={1988}, volume={114 11}, pages={1272-5} }