Insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP) proteases: functional regulators of cell growth.


The IGFBP proteases were first described in pregnancy serum as a proteolytic activity against IGFBP-3. Since then, IGFBP proteases have been described in many other clinical situations, in various body fluids, and have been shown to cleave IGFBP-2 to -6 with varying specificity. The molecular nature of some of these proteases is being unraveled and three classes of IGFBP proteases have been recognized. These include kallikreins, cathepsins and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). We utilized two cellular systems to demonstrate the significance of IGFBP proteases in cellular growth regulation. In primary cultures of prostatic cells, we have shown that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) has the ability to enhance IGF mitogenic action by reducing the effects of IGFBPs. Similar kallikreins such as gamma nerve growth factor (NGF) share this activity. Within the prostatic milieu, we have also demonstrated epithelial production of the acid-activated IGFBP protease, cathepsin D, and its secretion into seminal plasma, as well as the serum of patients with prostate malignancy. We have also identified MMPs in prostatic cells and fluids. Using cultured airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells, we have demonstrated the synergism between IGFs and inflammatory agents in mediating ASM cell proliferation. Examination of this phenomenon revealed that these agents (e.g. leukotriene D4 and interleukin1-beta) induce the secretion of an IGFBP protease which cleaves the IGFBPs secreted by ASM cells, allowing IGFs to stimulate proliferation. Using several methods, including immunoblotting and immunodepletion techniques, we have identified this protease as MMP-1. These two pathophysiological systems demonstrate the importance of IGFBP proteases as autocrine paracrine growth regulators. Furthermore, IGFBP proteases may be critical elements in malignant and benign proliferative diseases, including prostate cancer and the ASM hyperplasia of long-standing asthma.


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