Insulin and okadaic acid induce Rab4 redistribution in adipocytes.

  title={Insulin and okadaic acid induce Rab4 redistribution in adipocytes.},
  author={Mireille Cormont and Jean-François Tanti and Ahmed Zahraoui and E Van Obberghen and Armand Tavitian and Yannick Le Marchand-Brustel},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={268 26},
Insulin stimulation of glucose transport involves the translocation of vesicles containing the glucose transporter Glut 4 to the plasma membrane. Rab proteins, which have been implicated in the regulation of vesicular traffic, were studied in adipocytes. Rab3B, Rab3C, Rab4, and Rab8 were detected, but Rab3A was not. In the absence of insulin, Rab3B and Rab3C were cytosolic, while Rab4 and Rab8 were associated with membranes. Only Rab4 distribution was modified by insulin. In unstimulated… CONTINUE READING


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