Insulin- and glucagonlike peptides in the brain.

  title={Insulin- and glucagonlike peptides in the brain.},
  author={Alfred Dorn and H. G. Bernstein and Ari Rinne and Marion Ziegler and Hwa Jeong Hahn and Siegfried Ansorge},
  journal={The Anatomical record},
  volume={207 1},
The cellular localization and regional distribution of insulin- and glucagonlike substance, C-peptide-like immunoreactivity, thiol:protein disulphide oxidoreductase, TPO (E.C., and insulin/glucagon-specific proteinase, ISP (E.C.3.4.22.-), are studied in the CNS of man, adult and juvenile rats, mice, tortoises, and frogs by use of immunohistochemistry. Furthermore, the content of immunoreactive insulin, glucagon, and C-peptide was estimated in human cadaver brains by radioimmunoassay… CONTINUE READING

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