Insulin action in the normal and polycystic ovary.

  title={Insulin action in the normal and polycystic ovary.},
  author={Stephen Franks and Carole Gilling-Smith and Helen Watson and Dr. S. Willis},
  journal={Endocrinology and metabolism clinics of North America},
  volume={28 2},
Insulin has a stimulatory effect on steroidogenesis by granulosa cells of normal and polycystic ovaries and interacts with gonadotropins in an additive or, as in the case of LH, a synergistic manner. These actions seem to be mediated specifically by the insulin receptor rather than by cross-reaction with the type I IGF receptor, even in tissue obtained from women with PCOS with biochemical evidence of insulin resistance. The authors suggest that hyperinsulinemia makes a significant contribution… CONTINUE READING


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