Insulator dysfunction and oncogene activation in IDH mutant gliomas

  title={Insulator dysfunction and oncogene activation in IDH mutant gliomas},
  author={William A Flavahan and Yotam Drier and Brian B. Liau and Shawn M Gillespie and Andrew S Venteicher and Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov and Mario L Suv{\`a} and Bradley E. Bernstein},
Gain-of-function IDH mutations are initiating events that define major clinical and prognostic classes of gliomas. Mutant IDH protein produces a new onco-metabolite, 2-hydroxyglutarate, which interferes with iron-dependent hydroxylases, including the TET family of 5′-methylcytosine hydroxylases. TET enzymes catalyse a key step in the removal of DNA methylation. IDH mutant gliomas thus manifest a CpG island methylator phenotype (G-CIMP), although the functional importance of this altered… CONTINUE READING
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