Insulator Icing Test Methods and Procedure

  title={Insulator Icing Test Methods and Procedure},
  author={Meisam Farzaneh and Tony Baker and Kenneth Brown and William A. Chisholm and C. de Tourreil and J. F. Drapeau and S. Fikke and J. M. George and E. Gnandt and Tom Grisham and I. Gutman and R. Hartings and Roberto Kremer and Gareth Powell and L. Rolfseng and T. Rosek and D. L. Ruff and D. H. Shaffner and V. Skienicka and R. Sundararajan and Jiang Yu},
  journal={IEEE Power Engineering Review},
This is a position paper prepared by the IEEE Task Force on Insulator Icing Test Methods. Test methods for evaluating flashover voltage of ceramic and nonceramic insulators under ice, snow, and cold-fog conditions are recommended. The paper describes the procedure to be followed at various stages of an evaluation test including preparation of the test object, insulator precontamination, ice, snow, and cold-fog deposits, as well as voltage applications and flashover voltage evaluation. Some… CONTINUE READING
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