Instrumentation of the cervicothoracic junction after destabilization.

  title={Instrumentation of the cervicothoracic junction after destabilization.},
  author={H Ulrich Bueff and Jeffrey C. Lotz and Olivier K. Colliou and V Khapchik and Frank Ashford and Serena S. Hu and Ksenija Bo{\vz}i{\'c} and David S. Bradford},
  volume={20 16},
STUDY DESIGN The biomechanics of three different instrumentation constructs applied at the destabilized cervicothoracic junction were evaluated. OBJECTIVES To find an efficient way in restoring stability of the cervicothoracic junction in cases with and without laminectomy. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Different instrumentation techniques have been evaluated biomechanically and used clinically for managing instabilities between the fourth and sixth cervical vertebrae. These constructs have… CONTINUE READING

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