Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness

  title={Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness},
  author={Dongsong Zhang and Lina Zhou and Robert O. Briggs and Jay F. Nunamaker},
  journal={Inf. Manag.},

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The findings suggested that the proposed ITV could offer a better learning performance on e-learning environment.

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: All over the world online education is offered now in all the streams. Numerous new technology courses in the form of video lectures are available online. However, in the engineering stream,

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An interactive platform video online system to allow proactive and random access to video content based on questions or search targets, use of an interactive word glossary, dictionary, an online books, educational video resources, extra explanations for the teachers and comments for students in real time is developed.

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What the authors conceptualise as effective learning moments and conditions and how these can be created and maximised through the effective production and manipulation of relevant, purposeful interactive videos are discussed.

Promoting self-paced learning in the elementary classroom with interactive video, an online course platform and tablets

The study shows that the proposed learning setting could become a promising means of promoting self-paced interactive learning in the classroom and demonstrates impressive self-control, self-discipline, and learning autonomy.



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It is proposed that an e-Learning system with interactive multimedia can help learners better understand learning content and achieve learning performance comparable to that of classroom learning.

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The results of an empirical study show that the DIL environment is superior to the DPL environment in terms of both the learning process and the learning outcome.

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The purposes of this paper are to evaluate the relevance of existing research in the component technologies to interactive video, and to propose a propositional framework for use in the study of computer-assisted interactive video.

Web-Based Virtual Learning Environments: A Research Framework and a Preliminary Assessment of Effectiveness in Basic IT Skills Training

The results indicate that, in the context of IT basic skills training in undergraduate education, there are no significant differences in performance between students enrolled in the two environments, however, the VLE leads to higher reported computer self-efficacy, while participants report being less satisfied with the learning process.

Constructivism as a referent in the design and development of a computer program using interactive digital video to enhance learning in physics

The software uses interactive digital video clips to present sixteen real world demonstrations to Physics students and is designed to be used by pairs of students to elicit their pre-instructional conceptions of Force and Motion and encourage discussion about these views.

Multimedia and its impact on training engineers

  • B. Daily
  • Business
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The research findings suggest that multimedia is an applicable, pedagogical tool for use in training engineers.

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The perceptions of students in a mid-western rural university regarding virtual education are explored and the roles of the participants is being redefined where the instructor is becoming a facilitator in the electronic classroom and students are participating in these classes from anywhere and anytime.