Instruções Verbais e o Seguir Recomendações Médicas para Tratamento da Dermatite Atópica na Infância

  title={Instruç{\~o}es Verbais e o Seguir Recomendaç{\~o}es M{\'e}dicas para Tratamento da Dermatite At{\'o}pica na Inf{\^a}ncia},
  author={Robson Zazula and M{\'a}rcia Cristina Caserta Gon},
The atopic dermatitis is a skin chronic disease with unknown etiology and high incidence in childhood. Following medical recommendations is an indispensable behavior to the disease control. This behavior can be understood as arule-governedbehavior process and the instructions as an important variable. The aim of this study is to present and discuss the instruction, as an antecedent variable that controls the follow of recommendations’ behavior by pediatric patients. This control was discussed… CONTINUE READING