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Institutions, theories, and issues

  title={Institutions, theories, and issues},
  author={Pieter Fourie},
The South African media landscape characteristics of and trends in the media business and the political economy of the media media ownership external and internal media policy mass communication theory the functions, effects and power of mass communication media and ideology media and the production of meaning media and culture feminist media theory media imperialism the nature of news and news production the representation of race, gender and sexual orientation media and violence media and… 
Swazi media and political journalism: a textual analysis of the representation of political parties in elections coverage
A research report submitted to the school of literature, language and media, faculty of humanities, University of the Witwatersrand in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master
Delving into the political role of the media: An analysis of South Africas mail and guardian and the online reception of its electioneering message
  • M. T. Siyasanga
  • Political Science
    Journal of Media and Communication Studies
  • 2019
Research trends illustrate that media institutions have a role in influencing the citizenry through their political communication objectives.  This research paper grapples with the idea of the press
Framing Islam in News Reporting: A Comparative Content Analysis
The emergence of modern communication technology suggests that the society as a whole is now a simple hostage at the hands of the media. However, the time has come to ask whether the people are being
Your news in 140 characters: exploring the role of social media in journalism
"I saw on facebook ..." is a term frequently heard in conversations these days. This social network application, and others like it, was originally developed to help a person connect with friends and
Identity, social groups and communication : some frontiers for theory and research
The recent flourishing in discourses on identity in the social sciences as well as the fact that struggles of identity have become the paradigmatic form of social and political conflict in the
The influence of the print media in portraying women in sport : a case study of The Independent on Saturday
Dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the Masters Degree of Technology: Public Relations Management, Durban University of Technology, 2010.
The necessity of a media literacy module within journalism or media studies curricula
Media today is more omnipresent covering all aspects of society, ranging from historical to topical to social and political, thereby forming an integral part of people’s lives. In the South African
FEMA and Feminism in Gaile’s Back Page; A Content Analysis Study
This study analyses the media texts of Feminist Atelier (FEMA), a grassroots women’s organization, through the Gaile supplement of Yeniduzen newspaper from a feminist media studies and third wave
The end of the audience : how the nature of audiences changed
Entering the ongoing discussion about the so-called “end of the audience”, this paper is concerned with the theory and practice of audience research, as it examined different perspectives of