[Institutes for Population Studies (RIPS and IFORD)].

  • Published 1981 in African population newsletter


The 9 year old Regional Institutes for Population Studies in Accra, Ghana for the English-speaking African countries and in Yaounde, Cameroon for the French-speaking countries were established in response to the growing demand for regional facilities for demographic research and training in Africa. The Institutes: 1) provide training courses on population and related fields; 2) organize and undertake research on all aspect of population and related fields both at the headquarters and in the countries served by the Institutes; 3) organize, in cooperation with appropriate national services and specialized agencies concerned in other African countries, workshops, seminars and meetings on national, subregional and regional population problems; 4) provide at the request of the governments of the countries such advisory services as may be within their competence and resources; 5) grant degrees, diplomas, certificates or other awards to persons in respect of courses of study provided by the Institutes and subject to the approval of the Governing Council, established for the purpose such relationships with national universities or similar institutions; 6) provide documentation in the various fields of population with respect to Africa, to research workers of national, subregional and regional organizations. Information pertaining to admission requirements, fellowships, application forms, and training activities, is also provided.

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