Institute of computer science: ALGEM -an algebraic manipulator

  title={Institute of computer science: ALGEM -an algebraic manipulator},
  author={Calvin C. Gotlieb and Robert J. Novak},
  booktitle={SYMSAC '66},
  • Calvin C. Gotlieb, Robert J. Novak
  • Published in SYMSAC '66 1966
  • Computer Science
  • ALGEM is a package of subprograms written in SLIP, FORTRAN IV and MAP for the IBM 7094 II to manipulate algebraic expressions. Given an expression with multiple components connected by the arithmetic operations.+, -, *, /, ** (exponentiation), it is possible to 'simplify' the expression by combining the components to produce a standard form. This paper describes the expression types which can be used, their data structures, and the operations which can be performed on them. Some examples on the… CONTINUE READING