Instantons with quantum core

  title={Instantons with quantum core},
  author={Vachiaslav F. Mukhanov and Alexander S. Sorin},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
We consider new instantons that appear as a result of accounting for quantum fluctuations. These fluctuations naturally regularize the π’ͺ(4) singular solutions abandoned in Coleman's theory. In the previous works [3,4] we showed how new instantons modify the widely accepted picture of false vacuum decay in two particular examples of exactly solvable potentials. Here we generalize our consideration to arbitrary potentials and provide a general theory of these new instantons with quantum cores in… Expand
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Michael J. Baker,1, βˆ— Moritz Breitbach,2, † Joachim Kopp,2, 3, ‑ and Lukas Mittnacht2, Β§ 1ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics, School of Physics, The University of Melbourne,… Expand


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