Instanton test of non-supersymmetric deformations of the AdS5 × S5

  title={Instanton test of non-supersymmetric deformations of the AdS5 × S5},
  author={Callum Durnford and George M. Georgiou and Valentin V. Khoze},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We consider instanton effects in a non-supersymmetric gauge theory obtained by marginal deformations of the = 4 SYM. This gauge theory is expected to be dual to type IIB string theory on the AdS5 times deformed-S5 background. From an instanton calculation in the deformed gauge theory we extract the prediction for the dilaton-axion field τ in dual string theory. In the limit of small deformations where the supergravity regime is valid, our instanton result reproduces the expression for τ of the… 

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