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Instanton Solutions in Open Superstring Field Theory

  title={Instanton Solutions in Open Superstring Field Theory},
  author={Nathan Berkovits and Vilson Fabricio Juliatto and Ulisses M. Portugal},
Open superstring field theory admits a “hybrid” formulation where N = 1 D = 4 supersymmetry is manifest for Calabi-Yau compactifications to four dimensions. Using this formulation, the half-BPS instanton solution of four-dimensional super-YangMills can be easily generalized to the full open superstring field theory. In this paper, we compute the first stringy correction to the super-Yang-Mills instanton solution which involves turning on certain fields at the first massive level. 


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Zwiebach, Tachyon potentials, star products and universality, JHEP
  • 2001