Instanton Moduli Spaces and Bases in Coset Conformal Field Theory

  title={Instanton Moduli Spaces and Bases in Coset Conformal Field Theory},
  author={Alexander Belavin and M. Bershtein and Boris Feigin and Alexey Vad. Litvinov and Grigory M. Tarnopolsky},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
The recently proposed relation between conformal field theories in two dimensions and supersymmetric gauge theories in four dimensions predicts the existence of the distinguished basis in the space of local fields in CFT. This basis has a number of remarkable properties: one of them is the complete factorization of the coefficients of the operator product expansion. We consider a particular case of the U(r) gauge theory on $${\mathbb{C}^{2}/\mathbb{Z}_{p}}$$ which corresponds to a certain coset… 

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