Instanton Induced Neutrino Majorana Masses in CFT Orientifolds with MSSM-like spectra

  title={Instanton Induced Neutrino Majorana Masses in CFT Orientifolds with MSSM-like spectra},
  author={L. E. Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and A. Schellekens and Angel M. Uranga},
Recently it has been shown that string instanton effects may give rise to neutrino Majorana masses in certain classes of semi-realistic string compactifications. In this paper we make a systematic search for supersymmetric MSSM-like Type II Gepner orientifold constructions admitting boundary states associated with instantons giving rise to neutrino Majorana masses and other Land/or B-violating operators. We analyze the zero mode structure of D-brane instantons on general type II orientifold… CONTINUE READING
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