Instant Multiunit Resource Hardware Deadlock Detection Scheme for System-on-Chips


In this article, a brand new method of determining deadlock is presented. Most previous deadlock detection methods are algorithmic in the sense that they usually leverage some forms of Resource Allocation Graph (RAG) representations and then algorithms are devised to manipulate such representations in order to detect deadlock using information contained in the graph. Different from all previous methods, the proposed method actualizes the RAG with a digital circuit and uses it as a token-transmitting network. By supplying special input signals (tokens) to the network and observing the output tokens from the network, it is easier to identify which process nodes are reachable from each resource node in the graph. Using the reachability information, deadlock can be detected immediately. The time required to obtain the reachability information is determined by how fast the combinational circuit operates. Compared with previous algorithmic methods, the proposed deadlock detection can be deemed instant. We show that the proposed method is an order of magnitude faster than the previous fastest hardware mechanism and several orders of magnitude faster than traditional software-based algorithms.

DOI: 10.1145/2345770.2345780

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