Installation of ion implantation beam line for 3 MV Tandem Pelletron

  title={Installation of ion implantation beam line for 3 MV Tandem Pelletron},
  author={Pratik Poudel and Lee J. Mitchell and Eric B. Smith and L. C. Phinney and Khalid Hossain and Lawton Robert Burns and Duncan Weathers and Jerome L Duggan and Floyd D. McDaniel},
An MeV energy beam line for ion implantation of carbon and silicon to fashion optically-active nanocrystals has been constructed at the Ion Beam Modification and Analysis Laboratory at the University of North Texas (UNT). The implantation line is at 15 and consists of a set of slits to define the beam, a doublet quadrupole focusing lens, a 40 kV electrostatic ion beam raster scanner and target chamber for 2 cm diameter circular implants. A 1.95 m drift section between the scanner and target is… CONTINUE READING